Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I’m really “over” the whole nightclub thing. Music too loud to hear yourself think, leaping about getting sweaty on a dancefloor and drinking till one falls over is not my idea of fun. Should I come to Steampunkerie?

A: Why yes indeed you should! You see, what we are aiming for is a very different evening to what is popularily understood by the term “nightclub” these days. Steampunkerie will have music at a volume level designed to encourage conversation.. there will not be a dancefloor, but rather room to talk and socialise. Many comfortable chairs, beautiful surroundings. There will be fine food and expertly crafted cocktails. Patrons expecting strobe lights, fake tans, obnoxious djs and drunken fools may be dissapointed… the rest should be delighted!

Q: So is this going to be a regular event?

A: All going to plan, Steampunkerie is going to be a monthy event occuring on Saturday evenings. Your support will ensure this plan comes to fruition!

Q: I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to make it or not. Can I buy tickets at the door?

A: Perhaps. The venue has a strictly limited capactity – once we reach this we will be obliged to turn people away.. no matter how much it may pain our sentimental hearts to do so. We will be attempting to ensure there are some tickets available at the door but we anticipate these will be few in number and will be issued on a first come, first served basis. We strongly recommend that you purchase your ticket in advance. If you are not able to make it along on the evening you have booked – if you give us sufficient notice (48 hours or more) we will be happy to transfer your booking to the next evening.

Q: I say, what exactly am I going to get for my twenty five dollars?

A: An evening of socialising and conversation in beautiful surroundings – and a complimentary drink on arrival – either one cocktail or two basic drinks, or an allocation of non-alcoholic beverages if you are needing to navigate your dirigiable or other vechicle homeward.

Q: I want to come but I am not sure what to wear!!! Am I “Steampunk Enough?”

A: In a word – yes. This is a venue for people interested in Steampunk to meet likeminded souls. You should expect to encounter a friendly atmosphere of encouragment and mutual interest.